Reflecting on Race Equality Week 2022

Last week we marked Race Equality Week 2022. One of our members, the Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC), has been at the forefront of bringing the annual UK-wide movement to Dorset, hoping to be a catalyst for race equality in the workplace.

What is Race Equality Week?

This year, thousands of organisations joined together in solidarity with one mission in mind: eradicating barriers to race equality within their own work environment. The Black Lives Matter movement at the height of the pandemic proved that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, this year’s awareness week was focused on organisations taking #ActionNotJustWords. Now is the time to be proactive, in a huge push towards a more equal United Kingdom.

Taking part in Race Equality Week is crucial to making sure everyone, of all races and ethnic backgrounds, can thrive. The week provides a space to hold serious conversation and inspire definitive action. With power in numbers and growing awareness, stamping out discrimination and racism within the workplace is achievable, and it’s happening now!

Individuals as well as organisations across the UK got involved by implementing Race Equality Matters Solutions, joining public events, running their own activities, and sponsoring Race Equality Week. This week happens annually, but hard work across the UK should continue every day, so that total race equality can be our reality.

Race Equality Week in Dorset

DREC spent this year’s Race Equality Week giving light to many exciting initiatives. The organisation showcased a passionate new ambassador – who shared exactly why she believes race equality is so important.

The work didn’t stop there, however, as awareness was brought to the powerful and inspiring work of caseworkers to support victims of harassment. Giving a voice to people with lived experiences of race inequality is always a step in the right direction, so DREC gave opportunity to their clients to tell their own encounters with racism.

DREC feels strongly about celebrating our differences rather than hating them, as diversity enriches our culture. The EU Settlement Scheme is crucial to making Europeans feel at home in the UK after Brexit, and so the scheme’s Officer shared her story of applying for immigration status.

The final post for DREC’s Race Equality Week was about the Prostate Cancer in Black men Project: creating awareness of the increased risk of Black men developing the disease, offering education and guidance on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Overall, an encouraging and successful awareness week at DREC.


Published: 16th February 2022

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