Workshop for housing associations

Following on from Prejudice Free Dorset’s No Place for Hate 2019 Conference, there was an action to hold an event for housing association staff. The request had come through from several sources, and housing associations, who had attended the event.

The initial event was planned to be in May 2020, as a face-to-face workshop session. Unsurprisingly, this event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are finally delighted to be able to offer it again via Teams to our housing association partners.

A workshop session via Teams is being held on the afternoon of Monday 11th October, during Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The session will provide attendees with the following:

A better knowledge of what Prejudice Free Dorset is

A better awareness of unconscious bias held potentially by staff and residents, and how to recognise this

How a housing association may be able to help tenants who are victimised by prejudice

What a third-party reporting centre is and how a housing association may become one.

The workshop session will include personal stories of people affected by prejudice, hate crimes or hate incidents.

Five different housing associations and housing providers are currently signed up to be attending with lots of staff members – and the PFD members providing the training, through the workshop, are looking forward to raising their awareness during this session.

We will be asking attending staff for feedback from the session and will update the website, in due course, with feedback from the workshop.

To find out more or sign up for the session on Monday 11th, get in touch!


Published: 10th October 2021

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